How to Transform Simple Tasks into Something Powerful

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Make the most of every situation by mastering it and learning from it. Transform something mundane into something powerful. Lately, I was assigned to take the minutes of meeting which changes me from just a most of the time by-stander to becoming an active listening person. Before during meetings, I will attend and then if there is anything that concerns my department then I will respond. If not called, then I will just sit there busy working and not really listening. But since I was charged to do the minutes I began to listen intently to the discussion what are the issues. And I observed how they think in coming up solutions to the problems. How they look at a situation in different angles and how they dive into the smallest details and then goes back into the big picture. I have learned that we need to manage the problems and flagged only to the higher ups if we have already exhausted all our solutions or that it is no longer within our control. So by watching and writing down what they are doing. I’m learning from it. Continue reading

How I Grow My Wings to Fly Up Towards My Goal

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Are you constantly translating what you’ve studied by applying them? Are you consistently testing and experimenting the things you’ve read? How was the experience? How did the new learning changed the way you live your life? How did it impact the people around you?

Never stop learning we hear them say. I’m into learning and studying a lot. During my free time and everyday I enjoy my “me-times” because I’m spending it either reading or attending online classes. I have this insatiable thirst to learn new stuffs. A large portion of my finances goes to buying books and purchasing online courses. I look for ways to satisfy this desire to learn. I resorted to choosing virtual universities because I have time limitations given the nature of my day job. Are you also like this? Having a deep desire to learn, study and read?

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The Consequence of Forgetting the Present as you Think about the Future

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We are connected and every time we communicate with other human being be it face-to- face or virtually we are creating an impact to that person. We send signals and they receive those signals as positive or negative. The words we said, the expression of our face, the tone of our voice, the posture of our body they communicate messages to the person we are talking to.

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The Moment I Danced with Fear

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It was an awkward moment. As I made my step on the dance floor. I can hear my heart beating like a drum roll. I can hear a voice inside my head saying I should run and exit the floor. But no, I did not left with trembling voice inside I pacified myself that for all my life I’ve been running away from fear. And I’m tired of running, I’m curious what will happen if I’m gonna dance with him.

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Have You Ever Been To Your Sweet Spot?

I saw this man excellently playing a guitar and the expression on his face enthralled me. He projects such gladness and that he is enjoying his craft. As he produces the melody and the music while strumming the strings. I can sense his happiness exuding while he is doing it. He is so alive. His face, the look in his eyes and his smile is still so vivid in my memory. Why? Because I wanna be like that man while doing my craft.  Continue reading

Be Like Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee wrote his Definite Chief Aim

I happened to read about this excerpt written by Bruce Lee himself before he even became a legend. As I was reading the words he wrote on paper dated 1969. It was titled my Definite Chief Aim. This concept of DCA was mentioned in Napoleon Hill’s book named “Think and Grow Rich”. These are the things that I noticed. He has created a goal that answers specifically the following questions: Continue reading

Learn 5 Things that will Make You One of the 8% who Sets Goals and Achieves Them

Image result for quotes on achieving success“I must excel” that was my goal at 7 years old because I found that if I do good at school then I will be appreciated. I don’t want to feel invisible no more. I want to have something that will make me different from the rest of my siblings. The typical struggle of a middle child.

Whatever our age, we all have goals and aspirations. The year is about to end and as we welcome 2017, what are your goals for the next year? All of us have something that we desire, be it in our personal life, career, health, finance, relationships and spiritual aspect.

According to research only 8% of those who have goals actually end up achieving their aspirations. Meaning then that 92% failed to fulfill their dreams. I find this number alarming, what about you?  Continue reading

The One Act You Can Do Today That will Enable You to Accomplish Many Goals

Image result for coaching quotesDo you have a goal that you really wanted to achieve? And you’ve been trying to do the baby steps before but then you found yourself not progressing now? Sometime along the way it just stopped maybe you got busy, encountered an obstacle, some new goals got your attention. Pause…Think about what could have caused you to stop the consistent showing up for that goal. It’s not that you no longer want it, still there’s this desire deep inside of you which says, yes I want to be…

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3 Ways Words can Change the Course of Your Life

Words are everywhere we hear and read them all throughout the day. And they affect us in many ways some of them make us laugh, smile, sad, cry and mad. They trigger different kinds of emotions which in turn caused us to behave in certain ways. Aside from these conversations we have had with people, we also have internal conversations with ourselves. The stories we tell ourselves for every situation. We are interpreting it using our lens. We tend to understand what is happening using our belief system and based on our experiences.  Continue reading